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Company Background

KYT Trading Pvt. Ltd. Company, whose trade name is  AFROADDIS, is a rapidly growing commercial enterprise owned and run by a team of former diaspora executives. It has been operational since 2015. We are currently engaged in manufacturing, import, trading and hospitality industry. Our business has significantly grown over the past years and we are also engaged in the export business which consists of coffee, sesame, pulses and others.

To this effect we have secured a sit at Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) as a direct trader. We plan to work extensively and achieve success in this sector as we have done in the others. Our operations are entirely driven by our value system whose pillars include Trust Integrity and Professionalism (TIP). In all our dealings with stakeholders we ensure consistent quality, delivery time and competitive price. Our strategy is to position ourselves as a group that is trusted for top-quality products and customized service. We place special emphasis towards building long term relationships. We envision to be Pacesetters as we contribute towards shaping the future.

Coffee Processing

Processing coffee is the act of removing the layers of skin, pulp, mucilage, and parchment that surround a coffee bean—the raw ingredient that the farmer will sell. How a grower chooses to process the coffee will have a profound impact on how that coffee tastes. There are four different ways to process coffee which include natural process, washed process, wet hulled, and honey processed.

Natural processed

A natural processed coffee, also referred to as dry processed, is a traditional yet common way to process coffee today. Originating in Ethiopia, it involves drying out the entire freshly picked coffee cherry with the seed still inside.

Washed process

Unlike natural or dry processed coffees, washed processed coffees are called the opposite—wet processed! In this scenario, machines called depulpers remove the seeds from the cherries before drying them. However, it is not just any cherry that gets seed removal. These cherries must have the perfect amount of ripeness to make sure they are sweet enough, and go through a sorter for density.

Wet hulled

Wet hulled coffee, not to be confused with washed/wet process, can also be called semi-washed coffee. During this processing method, depulping machines remove the seeds from the cherries. However, rather than move to drying beds, the cherries get stored in plastic tanks. The mucilage also remains on the seeds, and much moisture is retained. At this point, the mucilage has created a thick husk that encapsulates the seeds. They then go through a process called hulling to remove it, along with parchment (the dry flakes covering a bean) that surrounds the seeds, and laid out to dry afterwards.

Honey processed

Honey processed coffee is a method that involves a combination of both the natural and washed methods. It is a rare and demanding method, and not as commonly practiced as the previous two. However, it produces a unique cup of coffee, with flavors similar to both of the previously described processing methods. During honey processing, a depulper removes the seed from the cherry before it dries out. However, it does not go into a washing tank to get rid of the mucilage. That mucilage, which is what the honey refers to, stays on the seed as it dries in the sun afterwards. The amount of mucilage left behind determines the sweetness, and there are even machines to control the amount on the seed. The seed then finishes out drying on the bed, and also gets raked and rotated to avoid mold.

When buying your next bag of beans, pay attention to the processing method, which you can usually find labeled on that bag. You may find yourself curious to learn how each method will alter and improve your final brew!

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